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- How to Develop a Champion's Mentality in Sales

Professional sales people and professional athletes face many of the same challenges and both require similar qualities to excel. Courage and confidence are a must. Managing and confronting fear is essential. Stepping out on the tightrope every day and putting ourselves in position to either succeed or fail, are constants. Dealing with and pulling out of slumps are common hills to climb and capitalizing on momentum is always important. Most of all - we must have the poise to perform under pressure and get results, thus managing the outcome.  

Just as sales people experience highs and lows, Bill Clement has faced it all in sports and in business. After achieving a lifelong goal by winning a Stanley Cup in Philadelphia, he knew the competition would be gunning for them the following year. He discovered the inner resolve champions possess as the Broad Street Bullies won a second Cup. Eight days later he was traded to and became captain of, the worst team in hockey, the Washington Capitals. He questioned his own resolve to continue playing when the Caps went 21 consecutive games without a victory.  

Bill has won awards in multiple professions and also experienced financial ruin resulting in personal and corporate bankruptcy. He will take you into the valleys, identifying the personal strengths sales people can mine to keep them climbing and "daring to fail". He will confide his fear when he realized that because of an injury he suffered, he might not be on the ice for the Flyers' first Stanley Cup victory. You will learn of the help he received from a teammate that got him there. It is the same kind of help that members of sales teams can provide to reach their group goals.  

Preparation is essential in sales and in sports. Only then, will we have the focus to execute when opportunity presents itself. Bill will walk you through the second-by-second mindset he had on a breakaway - a breakaway he had mentally prepared for - that resulted in a Stanley Cup-clinching goal. He will also describe the key to managing change which he learned not only during his move from the Flyers to the Capitals, but also when his Atlanta Flames moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Calgary, Alberta.  

This keynote will educate and inspire sales teams to attack their sales goals and to achieve the desired results.