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Bill Clement captivated my team and connected with each of them individually throughout the presentation. The leadership nuggets were all pertinent to any business, yet he made it feel like it was all about us. We are all now keenly aware of our Energy Vampire modes and how to snap out of them. Everyone talked about the presentation for days. It has been a week and I can see a dramatic difference in how our team works together.

Jim Tallia
Anchor Sales

Bill Clement captured the attention of the audience with a riveting one-hour presentation that was both motivational and inspirational. Our employees walked away with a new sense of ownership in the company and a new understanding of the leadership role they play. Bill has inspired us all to become an Everyday Leader and has instilled in us the confidence to get out on that tightrope!! Excellent presenter…excellent presentation!

Kim Davidson
Executive Vice President
Ocean City Home Bank

Bill spoke to our bank team twice over the past several years. After the first presentation our company sought to eliminate, and has eliminated the Energy Vampire that is in most organizations! Now, based on his book, Bill has given us insight into the 90/10 rule and we look forward to implementing his creative ideas in all our future endeavors.

Steve Brady
President & CEO
Ocean City Home Bank

Dear Mr. Brady,   I wanted to take a moment from my day to thank you for the opportunity to hear Bill Clement speak last night. I was not sure what a former NHL player would have to say that would motivate me, but I was delightfully surprised!  Mr. Clement was engaging, humorous and most importantly relevant to both personal and professional situations. I feel more positive and am sure I can deliver better customer service and be a better leader for OCHB with the tools and the 90-10 wisdom Mr. Clement passed on to us.

Jessica L. Romanowski

Mr. Brady, I would like to thank you for bringing Bill Clement to us again. I was so excited to hear he was coming back! He was as amazing this time as he was the last. I will talk about this for a long time and continue to be inspired to be an Energy Source and NOT an Energy Vampire.

Brenda M. Flaherty-Pickeral

Bill Clement is simply the best I have ever heard.  This will be the smartest training money you ever spend for your organization.

Cliff Hagele
Fort Sillll, ACS Relocation Readiness program

In my almost 25 years of arranging speakers for national conferences, I have NEVER had a keynote speaker put in the time and preparation to customize and tailor his remarks for an audience like Bill. The homework he did to make his presentation fit in with both the theme of our conference and the identity of the audience was outstanding! We have already booked Bill for next year's conference and I would not hesitate to recommend Bill Clement to ANY type of group or organization.

Eric Waterman
Chief Executive Officer, IMPACT
(Ironworker Management Progressive Action Cooperative Trust)

Bill Clement was an absolute hit with our Sysmex Tech Services group and there were continuing references to his presentation throughout the remaining three days of our meeting.  He was a source of energy for our entire meeting and truly set the pace and the tone and we saw enthusiasm and high spirits the rest of the way.

Andre Ezers
EVP, TechServices
Sysmex America, Inc.

Without a doubt, Bill Clement was the best keynote speaker we've ever featured during any of our annual meetings. From the moment he walked on stage until the thunderous standing ovation he received at the end, Bill Clement captured the hearts and minds of our business community leaders with his inspirational and practical message. It was a message that could only be delivered by a true champion who has witnessed, first-hand, the peaks and valleys life can deliver.

Demming Bass
VP Communications
Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce

I have worked with many sports stars (NFL, Olympians, etc.) and Bill Clement topped them all and exceeded my highest expectations! The homework Bill did on the industry and the company was evident and my people noticed…big time. He sounded like a Cingular executive! Our employees are still talking about his presentation.

Joe Baker
Vice President & General Manager
AT&T Wireless

I highly recommend Bill Clement as a keynote speaker. Bill has spoken for us twice and both times his well-planned preparation and high energy level not only motivated the audiences, but he was also extremely entertaining and thought provoking. Although both audiences were quite different (researchers and sales team), Bill connected with both groups, who in turn responded with stimulating discussions following the presentation.   I have listened to numerous speakers who either presented clear strong messages or who were highly entertaining – Bill delivers both eloquence and entertainment in a dynamic package. His personal stories are inspirational and relevant in business, in family life and in all aspects of daily living.

Andy Symons
President, Whitmire Micro-Gen

Everyone in our association was so impressed and gratified that Bill Clement took the time to learn about AAMA then built his message around very accurate AAMA references and terminology. In the course of a business career, we are subjected to so many motivational messages that just don’t sustain past the digestion of lunch. We noticed, repeatedly, over the remaining days of our meetings that Bill Clement’s message was not only heard, but also widely applied.

Tom Sheg
American Architectural Manufacturers Association

Bill Clement was a pleasure to deal with!  He was well informed and did his homework on the acronyms of our company, so he made the experience a personal one, which was beyond our expectations. He was funny and captured the audience’s appeal and attention.  I would recommend him highly for any event.

Cheryl Trego
Business Banking Administrator
Citizens Bank

Bill Clement clearly did his homework on our company and as a result, towers over the field of speakers we have had in the past. The long and enthusiastic standing ovation he received said it all.

Paul Landes
VP Marketing
GCI Telecommunications

Bill Clement provided us the perfect compliment to a very extensive year-long training program for our sales management professionals. His unique ability to deeply understand our business was perfectly delivered and the lessons of Bill's professional and personal life were so effectively conveyed that we couldn’t help but retain the messages. We scored a hat trick having Bill Clement as our keynote speaker.

Terry O’Brien
Director of Marketing
Specialty Concrete Products
Lafarge North America

Bill’s keynote speech at our Annual Sales Conference was inspiring, relevant and entertaining.  What made it special was that he shared his lowest points, where dusting himself off was required to achieve the success he now enjoys. We would love to have him back again.

Bob Bailey
Chairman and CEO
PMC-Sierra, Inc

Bill Clement was a perfect fit for our 40th Anniversary Gala. He was truly entertaining, educational and energetic, providing us all with a memorable "takeaway" highlight from the night's events.

Chris Branscome

You were a HUGE success at our Workforce Enrichment Day and your presentation really had an impact on us. All day long I heard people around the office talking about avoiding being an energy vampire or calling each other an energy source...talking about pulling rather than pushing...etc.  I know we will be reaping the benefits for a long time to come.    This crowd can be tough sometimes but your thought-provoking message definitely impressed us all. You also entertained us and many of our people have mentioned how amazed they were that you understood us so well.   Some of the other compliments I received on your behalf included:  Very sharp, intelligent, smooth, down-to-earth, professional and personable.  You truly “added a lot of value” to our workplace through your message.

Leanne Hanger
Contracting Officer
U.S. Navy Contracting Office, Philadelphia

Since your presentation I have had many follow-up conversations throughout the organization with all levels of employees.  From interns to management there is a universal expression of having been inspired. When we first sought out a speaker, we did so by venturing into the unknown.  We wanted to hire someone that would be interesting, someone that would understand the message of our organization and someone that would entertain. If we had achieved two out of three, I would have considered it a success. The fact is, you met and surpassed all three objectives and more.  Having spoken to you ahead of time on the phone I knew that you had painstakingly taken time to "get to know" our organization. This element of preparation went a long way in selling the points of your message. Each person felt as if you were speaking directly to them and I noted several times during your speech that every pair of eyes in the room was fixed on you. I truly believe that we can take your messages and use them as cornerstones to the workforce development that we will continuously underline throughout the year.  Once again, I want to emphasize what a success your speech engendered.  It will jump-start our program to what we hope is the next level of commitment throughout our organization.

Pete Proko
Division Director
U.S. Navy Contracting Office, Philadelphia

Bill spoke at our annual Father/Son breakfast and his message is ideal for every audience. In today's 24 hour news cycle packed with controversy and conflict, Bill's message of optimistic thinking and the power of constructive energy inspires listeners to go out and make a positive difference in their own lives and in their communities.

Ryan Abramson
Director of Admissions
Holy Ghost Preparatory School