How to Manage the Outcome, Regardless of Your Job Title

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Keynote Description:

If we can influence others, we can manage outcomes in both our business and personal lives. Too often,  people associate their values to their organizations with their job titles. They see themselves as role players, without exercising the powers of EveryDay Leadership they possess. Similarly, managers and executives often lose sight of their immediate surroundings – their teammates – focusing intently on a bigger picture.

Bill Clement’s presentation will leave you laughing, inspired and motivated to unlock this powerful ability to manage outcomes. As he takes you onto the ice and into the dressing rooms that were home to him for 11 years in the NHL, you will meet the EveryDay Leaders that most influenced his teams’ championships and the characters that most contributed to team failures.

You will meet people such as “Freddie The Fog”, “The Hammer” and “Too Bad”. You will be introduced to Bill’s pick as the best leader ever and hear about Bill’s disastrous attempt to manage an outcome by personally negotiating his NHL contract at the age of 20. Each year his various careers have generated learning experiences and introduced him to circumstances and people that today, he brings to life for his audiences as he entertains, educates and inspires.

In a business climate where we often have to do more with less, our personal performance as an EveryDay Leader is crucial not only to our organization’s victories, but also our individual successes.

Prepare for a presentation you will remember for years to come.